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Tuesday, 25 January 2005

I got creds

I've played extensively in the Middletown, CT new music scene. Ok, so I nearly fell over laughing at that phrase, but no disrepect to anyone. We do have a lot of new music around here, I just would never have thought to call it a scene. Only because I'm a big-city centric elitist. I would have called it the Wesleyan new music scene, personally, but not everything that happens is part of the university.

Speaking of education, when I last spoke with my advisor, he was pessimistic about getting my book published. However, O'Reilley published a book on Hacking Legos, so I have a bit more hope. He also pointed out that my thesis comittee wouldn't actually understand my project and told me I would need to create some pedagological pieces in the style of David Tudor's electronic works, like Run Through. So I popped in my CD of such musics and it was just evily irritating. I don't want to write ensemble pieces for computer and certainly not like Tudor's "i'm too good for analog synthesis" stuff.

I could also abandon my plans and just write program notes for all the pieces I've already written and that would count as a thesis. I'm just a composer, after all. It may be that everyone would rather I would just do that. It may not be. I'm clueless.

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Jesse said...

Why wouldn't they understand your project? I think Ron's wrong.

Jesse said...

Incidentally — people always talk about the Troy new music scene too.

Les said...

well, i mean, can you see alvin reading a book on how to program?