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Tuesday 18 January 2005

MLK Day / Blue Neck

It's my last day in California. tomorrow, very early, I lave to return to Connecticut to finish my last semester and graduate and never live in connecticut again. I procrastinated on several things this break. For example, I didn't verify that all the thesis writing I was doing was ok with my advisor until sending email a couple of days ago. I didn't get documentation that I've done my out-of-department course requirement. And I didn't go to the DMV. My liscence expires February 13th and apparently they don't want to issue me another liscence with that now 13 year old photo (where has all the time gone?) By the time it expired, the new liscnce, if it had the old photo, would have been from half my life ago. You shouldn't use pictures of yourself at half your age for an ID unless you are very, very young.

I thought to myself that I'll just head on in today and get the new photo. Augh, but today is a holiday. Not for Cola who is duitifully working for her civil-rights-leader-ignoring, marget-thatcher-loving company. But for the DMV. And for, coincidentally, The Mississippi Tax Board who are also honoring the birthday of Robert E Lee, or so says their phone message at 601-923-7000. I called it. it's for real.

Matt LaGoy, always an amusing fellow, has coined a new term: blue neck. This would be the liberal foil to a red neck. I am a blue neck bobo, I admit it. and as such, I would never for a milisecond consider celebrating the birthday of Robert E Lee. Good lord. I want my drivers liscence.

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jenny said...

owen's passport photo, taken at age 6 months, is good until he's almost 6 year old, and it's already pretty inadequate ID.

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