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Wednesday, 19 January 2005

I am in Connecticut

My plane left Oakland at the ungoldy hour of 6:15 AM. I had the fun experience of getting to run to the front of the security line, as my plane was already boarding by the time somebody at United decided maybe they could be bothered to check my bag. You need more than one person to check bags of 8 check-in computer thingees. One person gets confused by touch-screen tehcnology and things fall apart, otherwise.

I went through Chicago. There's a cool tunnel between terminal B and C with neon flashy lights. Last time I went through it, I was grooving on the messages from the conveyor belts. They announce that you're at the end of a belt. As you ride from one end to another, you hear the messages phase with each other, the reverb levels change, etc. It's interesting how sound works in space. Somebody else apparently had the same thought about it because this last time there was rythmic sound installation running. Very well done. I don't know if it's new or if it was just turned off last time I was in O'Hare.

When I got to CT, the temperature was 5 degrees. Fahrenheit. That's -15 C. gah.

Classes start tomorrow. I think I will take Braxton's ensmble and Braxton's seminar and that's it. My advisor has said I can beta test my book on his students. Muahaha.

The hole in the bathroom ceiling is patched by not painted. I finally got all the windows to close last fall, but they're still single pane. It's dern cold. I have athlete's foot (a momento from my trip to Yosemite). My sweetie is nice and cuddly but so so so far away. It might get up to freezing temperature on thursday.

If I missed you over break, I'm very sorry. I wanted to see everybody and I fell way short. I did get a lot of writing done. I'll be back a few times during the semester, but will probably be writing like crazy, alas. I'll be back for the summer and then hopefully off to Germany in the fall and then come back a year and a few months from now and enjoy the warm, reasonable weather and avoid places where the high temperature is -15 C and never leave California again, where it's warm and sunny and I can get hugs from Cola.

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