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Wednesday 19 January 2005

Political - Dean for DNC chair

I'm not a Deaniac or even a democrat. Dean told reporters that he wasn't a liberal. And he's not. His healthcare plan was to allow everyone to purchase health insurance. Sadly, this would be an improvement over the current sad state of affairs. And he yelled in a way that recording technology rendered embarassing. His campaign had already fallen apart by then. He wasn't even a real candidate, he just wanted to make health care an issue. The fact that he got so far without really running a campaign indicates the sorry state of the Democratic primaries.

The Democratic party is still in a sorry state. Democrats and sympathizers end up pushing candidates who aren't very good just because they're nobody else. Well, in that spirit, Dean for DNC chair. He's got a few things going for him. He's a govenor. They're better at grand statements and symbolic leadership than fillibuster-prone political-compromising senators. Don't get me wrong. Senators have their place. That's in the senate. And Dean understands the internet's potential in a way unmatched by anyone else aside from Al Gore. (I'm being serious here.) And the kids like Dean. The Democrats need the kids. They need their energy and they need their votes in future elections. If the Democrats don't reach out to the kids, the kids will all go Green or stop voting. Probably the latter, sadly.

So, for the political power of govenorship, for the internet and for the kids, I say Dean should be DNC chair, unless we can find a southern govenor. We need one of those bad soon. The republicans have one, conviently named Bush.


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