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Thursday 20 January 2005

First day of classes

The naughty children are very disruptive. You're really on our side and not theirs because they're so very mean to you other, good children.

Let's see. I went to my one class today. I've signed up for Braxton's ensemble, Braxton's seminar and Colloquium. I successfully enrolled. Whoever designed the enrollment thingee in the student portfolio is an asshole, because it took me like 20 minutes to find it. "Hi, press this button from an on-campus computer or be dropped form the rolls of your university" seems to call out for a prominent link, no?

My out-of-department teacher form last spring is going to send in the paperwork that I should have asked for last spring. *cough* My fault for the insane delay. This is very good, as she no longer works here and I was worried I would have to take another out of department class and I don't want to write another 20 page paper on anyhting aside form my dern thesis. Speaking of which, I have a draft of chapter 6, which is on the fascinating topics of additive synthesis and modulation techniques including ring modulation, am, fm, phase modulation and the tiniest of blurbs on pulse width modulation. (guess what the m's in "am" and "fm" stand for.) You too could learn to do all of these things and more in SuperCollider if you want to beta test my book.

When I was in grad school I had to walk to school, through the snow, with a tuba on my back. How do you walk on ice without slipping? I've managed to avoid falling (mostly), but I have great fear of falling and hurting my tuba. A friend of mine smashed the screen of his powerbook by slipping on ice. It's dangerous stuff.

I've got Xena back. She's spen the entire time home hiding in my room. I haven't seen her at all. She's not very dog-like for being a dog.

I've started adding tags to the bottom of my posts. Part of this is because I'm a proponent of automatic catagorzation through machine-readable xml stuff. (human readable explaination coming) Part of it is because I wabt to see if I can hack the tag system by just inventing my own tags. I think I can, as there exists official tags of both "weblog" and "weblogs." The stupid non-difference of the plural seems to indicate people just putting up tags willy-nilly and there not yet existing a good algorythm to lump stupid plurals together.

Ok, tags are like "file under" thingees to attach to a post. Tehcnorati scans the blogosphere (gah, what a stupid word, it means "lots o blogs") looking for tags and then files blog posts under the appropriate tags. So users catagorize their own content. the problem with this, of course, is the meandering pointless post like this one. But I'll tag it anyway. Doing stupid things with tehcnology is fun. (Yes, I created one with my own handle. Because I'm an egotist, that's why.)

stupid jet lag

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