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Thursday, 20 January 2005

Please go protest - bay area

Anti Choice rally Saturday in San Francisco

Abortion rights advocates have scheduled a 10 a.m. counterprotest Saturday, beginning at Powell and Market streets, and plan to shadow the Walk for Life demonstrators to the Marina.

You're from the Bay Area. You've protested before. But have you ever counter-protested? It's a rare opportunity for you to be the counter protesters without having to leave the area!

And, if the anti-choice people (the organizers have also organized anti-queer rallies, those bastards) are successful doing an anti-choice rally in San Francisco, we're doomed. These folks are all emboldened by the cornonation of Dubya. They think they own the whole country. Well, we've got blue neck enclaves, dern it! And we won't give up without a fight or at least a counter-protest, right?

12 years ago (my how time flies) I was a counter-protester against Operation Rescue. Let me say that marching on the other side of the street as them is a lot less stressful than clinic defense. Marching is kind of fun. Clinic defense is stressful, there's a constant risk of arrest and of the other side winning, etc. Doing a counter march gives you an excuse Monty Python classics like Every Sperm is Sacred. And if their march is successful, then clinic defense will be the next thing on the agenda, so nipping this in the bud would be a good thing.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"These folks are all emboldened by the cornonation of Dubya."

Uhh, honey, just in the interests of promoting clear, logical thinking, this march has been in the works since long before the election. If Kerry had won, it would be still be going on. "These folks" are perfectly capable of thinking for "themselves". They don't take orders from Chimpler. Also, what is a "cornonation"?

I've heard it said by leftists that men have no right to have an opinion about abortion. Well, then, what about women unwilling to engage in the procreative act with a man?