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Tuesday 1 February 2005


  1. Have conversation / email with advisor
  2. Completely misunderstand everything he says (differing communication styles)
  3. Feel frustrated
  4. Mutter vague threats under breath for rest of day
  5. Avoid thesis while feeling frustrated
  6. Re-read email
  7. Start fixing problems with thesis
  8. Realize what advisor intended to communicate (I hope)
  9. Relaize that most of his suggests are improvements
  10. Feel sheepish
  11. Incorporate changes
  12. Schedule new meeting / send new email
  13. Repeat

One of us needs to switch to decaf. Also, somebody should write a pedagogy so I can understand Ron the first time. Why do I have to read his email 3 times to understand it?



Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg said...

yup. i think i understand. there is no way ron is switching to decaf though. he must drink six cups of coffee every morning.

eventually i realized that ron was never trying to be mean, and that he was pretty much incapable of phrasing things the way i expected him to, and then it was easier to incorporate his comments.

anyhow — i think for ron the problem runs deeper than switching to decaf.

Jean Sirius said...

i find i really have to concentrate to understand people i don't especially like. and sometimes i don't, anyway.

good luck!

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