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Tuesday 1 February 2005

Thesis - not grumpy

Ok, that's a lie. I am grumpy for the last several days and I'm not sure why. Spacey too. Maybe I should try to, like, sleep the same 8 hours from night to night. Anyway, I talked to advisor today and had a totally useful talk. Probably because it was the third time we had it or something. We shar goals. He gave me good ideas about structure. And showed my something cool that might make a nice version of hello world:

(freq: 400).play;

It plays a short A. The interpreter looks at it and thinks: "What is that? It must be an event. Clearly the programmer intended to play the event through the default synthesizer." And then there is much handwaving. But when your into to java book says to type "System.out.println("Hello World")'", it doesn't tell you what System is or what out is. Maybe it would be more intellectually useful to give them, um, except that I don't actually get how Events work. La La La. oh, hm (Event.default[\freq] = 440).play; that's weird.

Ok, my real, honest structure is: I brief introduction to "what is a program / what is supercollider". II Object Orient Prgramming in SuperCollider. III Sound Design in SuperCollider

also, why am I so goddamn spacey?

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