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Monday 28 February 2005

Doing Applications

I'm always grateful for feedback.

  1. Why did you select to study this major field?
  2. My main life interests have always been computer science and music. When I was an undergraduate, I double-majored in these subjects. When I entered the workforce, I did so as a web programmed and relegated music to a hobby. Unfortunately, the work hours required during the dot com boom did not leave me much time for music. The money was good, but I felt unbalanced. After the bust, I dedicated my time to computer music. Although the money was dismal, I found myself much happier. Other composers encouraged me to apply for graduate school, especially Wesleyan. I’ve found that being here has given me musical knowledge and time to focus on writing music.

  3. What kinds of courses do you plan to take in Germany?
  4. I plan to take computer music courses and courses in installation art. I’m interested in exploring performance aspects, whether through collaborations with artists working on other mediums, or performance as sound sculpture. These topics will expand my compositional range and allow me to grow as an artist.

  5. Describe your interests, hobbies and extracurricular activities.
  6. Since coming to Wesleyan, I’ve focused almost exclusively on music. I’ve played tuba in many informal, extracurricular ensembles. In the past, I’ve played bass guitar in rock bands and improv groups.

    I have a strong interest in political theory, which I read about avidly.

    I’m interested in digital publishing schemes, especially using XML. I take pictures with a digital camera and publish them to the Internet. I wrote Bash and Perl scripts to generate an XML feed from my pictures. When I have time, I hope to write a script for similarly publishing mp3s and thus begin podcasting.

    I am the lead programmer on the Java Just Intonation Calculator, an open source program for calculating tuning ratios.

  7. Describe your work/employment experience.
  8. See attached resume.

  9. Please describe how you will finance your participation in the BW - Exchange.
  10. don't feel comfortable blogging this one

  11. Do you have a preference for a particular BW university/Hochschule? Why?
  12. I would like to study at the Hochschule für Gestaltung because there is a pre-existing relationship between the Hochschule and the Wesleyan music department. Also, the school is affiliated with ZKM, which has astonishing facilities and provides HfG students an opportunity to interact with artists at ZKM.



cxjo said...

don't be uncomofortable.. we all know that when u get to karlsruhe u will be a kingpin in a male prostitution ring. duh.

Charles Céleste Hutchins said...

I just don't want the German authorities to get wind of it. ssshhh!

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