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Friday, 25 February 2005

Going Abroad

Ok, so next year, I really want to study abroad. I'm thinking someplace in continental Europe. I'm applying for Wesleyan's exchange program where I would go to Karlsruhe. But . . . several of the last people who went have not said good things about it. One guy was unable to answer the question whether he had gotten anything out of the experience. I've been pushing forward anyway, because I really want to go abroad and because I speak some German and I'm sure it will work out somehow and I really want to have some sure thing for next year . . . but . . . today I heard a professor say something about how you didn't want to spend any more time in Karlsruhe than was strictly necessary. Ok, red flags are starting to pop up. Or rather, I'm starting to notice them.

I should find a different way to go abroad, I guess. I talked to my advisor about this and he told me I should go to Karlsruhe. He's always promoting it despite unhappy grads from the last three years. Maybe the CT department of education has him on the take . . .. Um, but seriously. Several people I know have applied to C.C.M.I.X.. Every person I know who has applied has gotten in. Most have not gone because it's not a funded program. I know that sustainability as a composer means people paying me instead of vice versa. But a year in Paris could be very groovy. If this program sounds familiar to you, it's cuz Christi went there in 2003-4. . . . Which is a bit of a complexity, or not. I know she had a positive experience. And she's not in Paris anymore. And Paris has a very nifty music scene. Getting in on it would be very valuable connections.

If you know of any year long music program in Europe, tell me about it. I'm electronically focussed and not very academic (in the Milton Babbit sort of way). There's also IRCAM, but would I have to know how to speak French before I arrived?


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