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Sunday 27 February 2005

I just called my 7th grade teacher

I'm not sure how to talk about my junior high. Cult-like love fest? Group therapy? a bunch of kids who went through puberty without teasing each other?

Yeah, it was a little different than what I hear from other people's stories. We were a small class. 12, of us graduated from 8th grade. We were bonded though a bizarre set of adversity and a real respect for each other and a lot of love. This is probably partly why I hated high school so much. Also, I think it has made me a bit credulous and probably has something to do with why I'm so susceptible to reality-distortion. Cuz why would you be mean to somebody else when we're clearly all in this together, right? We all have crazy drama and crazy stress and we've got to be there for each other and if we help each other though the hard times . . .. Can't we all just get along? Distrust wasn't necessary.

Anyway, this is not a normal thing for catholic schools. It was all because of Mrs. Behler.

And now back to work on my thesis. I'm going to be reciting random numbers (and wearing my Italian suit) at a free concert tonight at 7:00 in Crowell Concert Hall at Wesleyan University. It's part of a knee play from einstein on the Beach by Glass.


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