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Commission Music
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Sunday, 27 February 2005

reality distortion field

may advisor is able to easily deploy a reality distortion field where your musical ideas change in an unexpected direction or the goals of your project are shifted, or your worries get redirected or future plans get constructed out of the ether. Everything makes a lovely logical sense until he leaves and you start talking about it to somebody else. "Just sneak into the EU via Norway . . .. No wait, that idea is sketch . . .. That's not a solution."

It's a great skill for an artist. Because what is art if not a reframing or a re-thinking of reality and a trip into a different perspective? Um, but maybe it could just stay in art and not seep out in all directions. I am so susceptible to this. "Somebody give me an answer!!! Oh, what a lovely answer! No, that doesn't work at all. fuck." say I, far too often.

CCMIX has rolling admissions. I wonder if I can manage to pay to live in Paris for a year.


1 comment:

goat said...

sure you can (says i). come to paris!