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Friday, 18 February 2005

The Stages of Grief

1. Denial
I'll just create an image of my entire hard drive.

2. Bargaining
I'll just leave this running and it will, um, speed, up, right? I'll call apple and if i plead with them they'll tell me secret tips like freezing the disk drive (which may or may not work, as ipods seize up when frozen.)

3. Anger
I will never trust a laptop again!

4. Acceptance
Maybe it's not worth $500 to save some diary entries, my address book and a few scripts. Maybe I could just rewrite my scripts.

The moral of the story

Maybe it's best not to do tech work for something you're personally invested in. I should have asked for help sooner, rather than drunkenly trying to copy the whole thing. Try to save everything. end up with nothing. thank god i had enough sense to grab my school work first.

also, it's amazing how invested i've gotten with an inanimate object. in the future i need to 1. do backups. 2, not entrust my sense of self to a machine. 3, use paper more often.



goat said...

eeek. *patpatpats* now i see why you said doing the disk image was a mistake.

diary entries strike me as worth a lot of money, but maybe that's just me.

damn, your computer woes suck.

Jesse said...

hmm. who is goat? i love goats.

gosh clst, that sucks about the hard drive. i would care about a diary getting lost enough to spend a bunch of money. but who knows.

crappity crap crap crap.


paper can get lost easily and burn in a fire. i suppose a computer could also burn in a fire. you can entrust your sense of self to a machine, provided its a RAID 5 server.

cxjo said...

ahh, the impermience of data...



the more times i have hard drive crashes, the less stuff i try to keep.

buy a new hdd at

oh! but a cool thing to do for backup is get urself a gmail acct, then zip up a bunch of stuff u want to keep, give the zip file a decent (memorable) password (i have a system) then mail the zip file to your gmail acct. it's good for a gig, anyway....