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Friday, 18 February 2005


Drinking will not solve your problems, no no no, but it certainly helps you forget what you're thinking about.

No, it makes the fucking problems worse. Why didn't I just turn the damn thing off and then wait until later and prioritize what I wanted to save? Now I've got a broken 12 gig disk image and no guarantee that i'll be able to mount the physical disk again.

I feel real sense of panic when I think about this. My laptop is turned off. I will eat and do other stuff. then I will come back and try again. If it fails, I will go to the campus computer store and ask questions about disk repair. Maybe a new motor could revive it enough. Maybe there are some types of data recovery which only cost $500 or so.

The data I want: my diary, my scripts, my tax receipts, my frequent flier info, my addressbook. I can live without all that stuff.

I hate letting go. I am so not zen.


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