Commission Music

Commission Music
Bespoke Noise!!

Sunday, 6 March 2005


all my dreams last night were of Pbinds. I went looking for a good online definition/ description of a Pbins and could find none. I think this must be significant.

My four channel dubya piece is now semi-successfully spatialized. in 2 channels.

I just have to finish spatializing my bell piece (and find new bell sounds and re-implement the wind chimes as being based in a pattern instead of random) and then write detailed program notes for everything and then i can write some new music.

Oh, and figure out what to put on ym application cd and drop it in the mail on monday. i'm thinking rush limbaugh, high squeally tunings, ann coulter, airwaves #3. i like my bell piece, but it's in progress and all those other pieces are done, except coulter is a bit tweakable.

my concert is one month from today. i have 2 weeks to generate a thesis draft, basically from scratch since my supercollider documentation project is kaput.


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