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Saturday, 5 March 2005

Queers = communists?

Did I miss a memo?

Ok, so some teacher in New Jersey his a kid or something and there exists a video tape, so people have been taking about it, including Hannity and Colmes. They had a right wing nutjob on to comment. Here's a transcript I want to draw your attention to two quotes

In the good old days, back when AIDS was an appetite suppressant and when gay meant you were happy, back in those days there was discipline in public schools. But not today.

. . .

And I hope the students in New Jersey, the former home of Governor [James] McGreevey, who had his own difficulties -- I might add that Jersey, of course, is a blue state. We don't have these kind of problems in Ohio --

Do you know what the fags are doing to our school system?!! Me neither. This all must be the fault of the alien other, though. Also, he said,

Sean, I went through a public school system. I assume you did also. And back 20, 30, 40 years ago, that kind of behavior was incredibly impossible, because of the cultural circumstances in which the students -- the fellow students would have so criticized that kid named Jay -- I don't want to use his last name -- because it would have been culturally unacceptable.

Um, yeah, cuz highschool kids totally had a reputation for being respectful in 1985. Was this guy alive in 1985? I was. I remember it. Oh, and 1975? Kids were totally respectful and completely patriotic. They were 100% in support of every government action. Especially the draft. If only those homos hadn't come along and ruined everything. So are queers the new communist plot like red is the new black? Or are queers actually, really, a communist plot, hatched out by Stalin and secretly still running with the help of ex-KGB agents still loyal to the party?


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