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Friday, 4 March 2005

feedback feedback feedback

If anyone has any comments about my "brief" statement, you should leave them. Is it lame to mention books I was reading? I want to sound like I care about theory. In fact, it's only recently that I've begun caring in an articulated way.

I want to have lunch and dinner and tea and fun parties with all of you and spend hours getting caught up and jam with you and go to concerts with you and I'm not going to have time until this summer. I am home writing my thesis. However, I am not a jerk, so I will have dinner with those who I have previously promised, but not for the next week. I am trying to re-work something from fall 03 from a 4 channel work into a spatialized 2 channel work and I spent all day yesterday on the airplane fixing a bug with the main part and a teeny bit of last night and all this morning fixing a bug in the adjunct part and when I put the adjunct part back in, the main bug was back and I can't remember how I fixed it and since I did all the work on the airplane, it's not in CVS. Curses and die. I have a plan B, which involves re-using almost all of the original code, despite its general wonkiness. SuperCollider 3 was pre-alpha when I wrote this and it is full of weird bug work-arounds and functions to do things I've now incorporated into my library. It could be much more lovely. But my hacking "fixes" are now at least 3 times as long (lines of code-wise) and they don't work.

Any day now, I'm going to stop documenting and re-implementing the past and write something new.


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