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Friday 4 March 2005

fotolog denies me

I am trying to post a comment to a picture on nicole's fotolog, but it won't go. So I'll post it to my blog instead.

Agent Jones stopped dead in her tracks. For weeks, she had been investigating the "connection." She had followed paper trails, ordered wiretaps and even employed some questionable thugs who could be counted on to provide information for a small incentive. (She had no doubt the incentive all went up their noses, but that wasn''t her problem.) Finally, an anonymous scrap of paper with an address scribbled on it arrived. She checked her glock, made sure it was loaded and filed a report saying she was going to go eyeball the location . . . which turned out to be down the block from her office . . . and had a huge SIGN up in front of it.

She looked up at the sign and suddenly noticed the bright blue sky behind it and the cherry blossoms overhanging. A bird tweeted behind her. She saw suddenly and very instantly how beautiful the world was. ''How long have I been sleepwalking?'' She wondered. ''What am I doing? Have colors always been this bright? I have to get out of here.''

She was on the next train to Reno. She didn''t even bother to call Alicia to say she was coming.

I am in Oakland. I should be working on my CCMIX application, but I want to take a few moments to surf the web.



jenny said...

how long are you here?

jenny said...

how long are you here?

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Call me! We're supposed to go to dinner! -- Polly

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