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Wednesday, 16 March 2005

fred phelps

Ok, so I'm messing around with Fred Phelps. His sermon that I've got is like an hour long. I'm cutting out all his ramblings about Billy Graham (who, when he was with Phelps at Bob Jones, used to preach about hell nearly every time he preached, says Phelps), the Washington Post, and that den of sodomites calling itself the Topeka City Council. Actually, I left in the part of the den of sodomites. When I think Topeka, I think sodomy.

Ahem. One of the members of the Topeka City Council is a lesbian. Phelps' granddaughter ran against her recently for the seat, mainly on the platform that the entire city would be destroyed by fire and brimstone, ala Sodom, but in the afterlife, if they elect a homosexual. Phelps didn't get very many votes.

It's actually very surprising how much in common Phelp's sound-bite-ish sermonizing has in common with Ann Coulter's sound-bite-ish pontificating. Ad hominem all the way. It's also kind of disturbing that Phelps has a more nuanced understanding of the war in Iraq. "They don't want us there." We're "slaughtering" them. "They have ideas and they're not ignorant." And "That miserable little idiot in the whitehouse" has "a phony, false, hypocritical religion." Right-on. Oh, no, wait, it's because he's part of the sodomite agenda. Nevermind.

Fred Phelps' website God Hates Fags

Who funds this guy? He's so over-the-top, I wonder if some pro-gay group is secretly funding him to give homophobes a bad name. I also suspect that Peta was created by the beef industry.


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