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Thursday, 17 March 2005

Damn Brilliant

Google now allows you to search the text of books. This I knew, but they also let you search books which are still in copyright. My advisor told me to look at the section on taping in William S. Burroughs The Ticket That Expolded. I've heard some of Burroughs' tape pieces and I think I've even been to a museum or library or something dedicated to him, but I've never actually read his writing before.

ha ha. you can't cut and paste from google's results, so no blockquote for you. Start with "Take an everyday situation you are arguing with your boy friend or girl friend remembering what was said last time and thinking of things to say next time the whole stupid argument going round and round like the music in your head until it bores you silly to hear it . . ." Midway down the page and read the next couple of pages

As a veteran of the great verbal wars of 1995-2003, his solution is entirely brilliant and certainly great conceptual art, but I can't imagine putting it into practice without causing even greater warfare. But you know, if you end apologizing for the same past misdeeds over and over and over again, why not just tape it and play the recording?

I apologize to any and all who are inflamed by this post. An mp3 of an apology will be forthcoming.


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