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Commission Music
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Friday, 18 March 2005

i hate everyone on earth

except for you

I don't have as much as a draft as I wanted. My current creative endeavors involve Fred Phelps and Bill O'Reilley talking about homosexuals. Augh. Can't deal with another day of that. Today I must figure out my taxes. I fly back east Sunday. I didn't take care of some thing with the county assessor office. I have no idea what it's even about.

I need a better way of dealing with stress other than envisioning breaking dish wear. grrr. kill. smash. break. I have a list of people I wanted to see today, but I feel too frustrated to make polite conversation.

Maybe it's my morning coffee. I'm not good at caffeine.



yesyouam said...

Try Murphy's Stout for breakfast!

Timanna said...

there there there

Jean Sirius said...


timanna beat me to it!

what she said, celeste. there there there, with misspellings and heartfelt pat-pats.

Cruel Angel said...

Since Timanna and Jean have taken care of the patting and consolation, I won't bother. However, in my experience physically aggressive activity is always the best. In my case, martial arts followed by a good..."alternative workout"...if I'm not being to subtle, makes for an excellent remedy to stress.