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Tuesday 22 March 2005


I can't remember what classes I have on tuesdays. Maybe it will come back to me by morning.

I'm back at school for the home stretch. my concert is two weeks from tomorrow in the Memorial Chapel on the Wesleyan campus at 8:00 pm. yikes

I sat on the airplane yesterday next to a woman who is writing her PhD dissertation on lesbian novels from the 1970's. Awesome. The idealism of that time is nifty. Also, I think I want to spend some time living on a women's land trust. Otherwise known as a lesbian separatist commune. I know that some of them still exist. I imagine that they would either be retreat-like or else embittered, digging in the trenches after so many years of fighting.

Yeah, so I got back to school and am sooo tired and have completely forgotten my routine. To the "do I wear pajamas when I sleep?" level. Hopefully it's just jetlag.

I saw the band Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum on Saturday night. they are so awesome. I want to be a rock star when I grow up.


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