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Wednesday 9 March 2005

The friend of my enemy is my enemy

All of you people poking me about RadioShack, knock it off. You live in the bay area. It doesn't matter if a few folks here or there aren't as enlightened as you, especially if you know, you happen to be straight. If you did not have any legal protections against discrimination and lived in a place where it was the norm rather than the exception and it happened to apply to you, I can assure you that you would feel differently.

Also, I had zero pages of thesis starting this break. It's due in five weeks. My concert is April 5th. All the music is not yet written. I am sitting indoors on beautiful spring days listening to Michael Savage call arabs "subhumans" over and over and over again and am not out in the sun and not at the beach and not seeing my friends and have not even been berkeley yet because I need a draft in a week and a half of my thesis and the next person who pokes me will not be a happy camper.

And diamonds are neither feminist or non-feminist as much as they are overvalued, much more common than they're marketed to be and yet simultaneously soaked in the blood of workers.

what's with you guys all coming out of the woodwork this week? sheesh.


1 comment:

Crin said...

Hey! I resent being called a "people" I'm a person, there's only one of me. Unless others are having fun with your post, too and not posting... Calling me straight, while true, does not aide nor hinder your argument (nor mine). Logically, it's a straw man. Besides, what's the point of posting a fun blog entry if you don't get some passionate debate? And shouldn't you be studying or something instead of blogging???

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