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Wednesday, 9 March 2005

The friend of my enemy is my enemy

All of you people poking me about RadioShack, knock it off. You live in the bay area. It doesn't matter if a few folks here or there aren't as enlightened as you, especially if you know, you happen to be straight. If you did not have any legal protections against discrimination and lived in a place where it was the norm rather than the exception and it happened to apply to you, I can assure you that you would feel differently.

Also, I had zero pages of thesis starting this break. It's due in five weeks. My concert is April 5th. All the music is not yet written. I am sitting indoors on beautiful spring days listening to Michael Savage call arabs "subhumans" over and over and over again and am not out in the sun and not at the beach and not seeing my friends and have not even been berkeley yet because I need a draft in a week and a half of my thesis and the next person who pokes me will not be a happy camper.

And diamonds are neither feminist or non-feminist as much as they are overvalued, much more common than they're marketed to be and yet simultaneously soaked in the blood of workers.

what's with you guys all coming out of the woodwork this week? sheesh.



Crinis said...

Hey! I resent being called a "people" I'm a person, there's only one of me. Unless others are having fun with your post, too and not posting... Calling me straight, while true, does not aide nor hinder your argument (nor mine). Logically, it's a straw man. Besides, what's the point of posting a fun blog entry if you don't get some passionate debate? And shouldn't you be studying or something instead of blogging???

yesyouam said...

No, no, no. She really means "people"-- I being the other guilty party. I'm not really sure what my sexuality has to do with my arguments, but I guess that's all anything really boils down to-- sexuality and race... and, uh, eye color and maybe body mass index. As long as we have ways to group people that are easy for us to identify, there isn't really any need to think critically about our convictions.

It just frightens me how blue neck mentality can be so disturbingly similar to red neck mentality. "Somebody said that somebody said that some magazine said that they like Radioshack and they don't like queers!", ergo, "Radioshack is anti-queer! Boycott them!" That really seems like the logic used in that witch trial sketch in the Holy Grail. The people that publish these idiot magazines count on stuff like this. All they have to do is mention a company name and that's good enough for us to go on. What an excellent way to empower those idiots. Where does critical thought come into play here?

Think about it. The only nexus you have between Radioshack and "anti-queer" is an article in a Christian business magazine. In the same article that claims that Coors is actually "pro-gay" (yes, I actually read the article), they put Radioshack on the "anti-gay" list. Well, hot damn. I wanted to keep this whole thing offline, but since we've brought it to this forum, let's go for it.

Here are the "reasons" that Radioshack is "anti-queer" (from the above mentioned article):

"The company offers no benefits for domestic partners, and requires no sexual diversity training. RadioShack also does not support any GLBT groups financially."

No domestic partner benefitsI'm personally all about the domestic partner benefits. Without them, I would be without heath insurance. So, hey-- let's reward the companies that do offer domestic partner benefits: ChevronTexaco, Phillip Morris, Coca-Cola, The Gap, Nike, Cox Communications, Dole, Starbucks, Coors, etc. -- Shall we use this factor to decide where we do and do not spend our money? [A good resource for who offers these benefits is the HRC site.]

No sexual diversity training requiredI have to admit it: I, frankly, think that diversity training is a crock. How many of these pointless movies have I sat through every time I got hired somewhere? This is just "jumping through hoops", as far as I'm concerned. This should not be confused with the inclusion of sexual orientation in the company's non-descrimination policy. These are two different issues. The NDP actually does something besides lull you to sleep and/or give you an opportunity to make fun of the cheesy acting in the "training" video. The NDP gives you legal ground to stand on if you have a bone to pick with a bigot in the ranks of the company. There is no mention in the magazine article about Radioshack's NDP.

No financial support for GLBT groups"Either you're with us or you're against us," as good ol' Bushie likes to say. Radioshack not giving money to GLBT groups means Radioshack is "anti-queer". Well, I have a confession to make: The only organizations I have contributed to financially in the last year (or the past decade, for that matter) are for AIDS Research. That makes me pro-cancer, pro-child abuse, pro-tsunami, pro-starving kids, and anti-Rush. (I didn't buy their new DVD.)

I think the HRC is probably a better resource for what companies are and aren't "with the program", so to speak. By the way, It enrages when I hear the term "gay agenda". The people that use this term (besides just being ignorant) don't understand that a violation of a blind, gay, black, latino senior citizen's rights is a violation of your rights. It is a violation of my rights. This just isn't something that you can teach someone in a training video. Conversely, if every homosexual in the country boycotted a company, it really wouldn't make much of an impact. The numbers just aren't there. Any gay rights movement has to involve us icky straight people if it wants to get anywhere. Don't lash out at the people you need the most.

What was I saying about the HRC? Oh, yeah. The 2004 Corporate Equality Index is a good read. Radioshack did, in fact, score quite low on this report. It scored a 29 out of 100. Other companies that scored a 29 include Bayer, Circuit City, Heinz, Maytag, Nestle Purina, Nissan, and Rite-Aid. So you can go ahead and add them to your boycott list.

When resources are limited, the best way to fight the good fight is probably not the "spray and fray" method. Pick the good fights and fight them. You can go around declaring war on everything and anyone that differs from your agenda, but you're never going to win. To ever have a little peace in this world, we need to use a different mentality.

When I feel that the things someone says or does come from the animus and not the noggin, I test that theory. I was just trying to feel out where you were coming from, and it seems like that upset you. I hope you don't prefer that everyone just nods and grins and agrees with everything you say just because you said it... Then again, I suppose it's better to have a thousand idiots blindly going along with you than it is to have a few chumps who grok what you're saying.

yesyouam said...

Oh, and for the record: I haven't shopped at Radioshack in well over a decade. They suck. They're over priced. You go in there for an adapter and they want your address and bloodtype. Too creepy! I was once entertained by the sight of my dad freaking out in the store because they wouldn't sell him a cable unless he gave them his address. It was rad.