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Thursday, 10 March 2005

go away

You think I have time to argue with you? I am writing my masters thesis. comment anything you want, i don't have time to read it. i am writing about how pundits shape national debate. Eager to avoid debating racism, they created the meme that engaging any discussion about race is racist. Stating that different groups of people have different experiences because of systematic discrimination and talking about how that shapes outlook then becomes racist. Therefore, any attempt to fight racism becomes racist. Yay!

Relatedly, David Duke recently gave high praise to Shipshape Widgets for not having a racial discrimination policy. I would boycott them, but I think having a policy against racial discrimination is totally optional. I'm happy to frequent a business that is willing to tolerate racism, because it's not like they're promoting racism. And David Duke's praise and the endorsement of Angry Aryans for the Return of Lynching (AARL) is not my problem. The White Power movement's feelings on things and endorsements of ideas and businesses should not be taken as a point in favor or a point against, cuz who cares what they think? The Conservative Christian Council (CCC) has thousands of members and the support of some elected high-ranking officials, but that's not my problem.

that's why I've just joined the Alien Others for the Advancement of Polyannaism (AOAP), because recognizing a systematic pattern only causes people to acknowledge it, which makes it worse. Because the first step to solving a problem is ignoring it and hoping it goes away, especially if there exists a vast well-funded movement to promote the worsening of the problem.



yesyouam said...

No one likes a smart-ass.

yesyouam said...

I don't know who the hell you think you're showing off to. Shove your David Duke sarcasm up your ass! If you read a single thing I typed before... but no... you already know what everyone says before they say it. Did you read anything I said about the difference between non-discrimination policies and stupid fucking "sensitivity training"? You are just a puppet head stuck on repeat. You sound like one of your pieces with the pundits saying the same idiotic shit over and over. Why don't you just read your posts aloud and sample those?

I am livid!

Les said...

i hear that you're upset that i didn't read your comments. if it seems that i am not reading comments, this is because in actuality i am not reading comments. i have skimmed a few sentences here and there but do not expect to have time to engage in any debates for the next several days.

your patience is appreciated.