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Tuesday, 29 March 2005

Link Dump

Ignorance is strength

"We've been attacked by the intelligent, educated segment of the culture," said "pastor and parent Ray Mummert, 54" explaining his opposition to Darwin. Uh. Yeah. That sucks when the smart, educated people attack you. Let's all feel superior for a moment before the full implication of that quote dawns on us and we descend into panic. Of course, all that really matters is unquestioning belief and that's how these folks vote and the age of reason is over. ok, now panic.

Esperanto Ed in the News

Esperanto Ed is/was my Esperanto teacher. It's so funny to see that name in print, cuz that's also how I refer to him. ahahhaa. (Maybe if we learn Esperanto, we can talk to educated, intelligent people in other countries who will help us escape.

Damn good cookies

Try the cookies. Really easy, really tasty recipie.

Culture of Life

The federal government continues to look out for people without brains. Not, not the guy in the first item, I'm talking fetuses who have never had a brain. The US army wants to force women relying on them for healthcare to cary brainless fetuses to term.

Important points in that article

What many people don't realize, she said, "is that an anencephalic pregnancy could be over a year in gestation. One of the nasty things not many know is that because the brain is not developed, the fetus doesn't send a signal that it is ready to come out."

that speaks for itself. And:

In 2003, the government lawyers also cited moral arguments for denying military medical coverage. Prohibiting federal funding of abortions "reflects and effectuates a moral judgment to value all human life, including the life of an anencephalic infant."

The government's refusal to fund abortion "furthers the government's interest in protecting human life in general and promoting respect for life," the lawyers said in their appeal.

If they care os much about one non-brain-having fetus, imagine how much they care about everyone in Iraq. If they're so morally clear that they will defend even the most horrible, terminal, fatal, suffering-inducing, unsurvivable congenital birth defects, then the must be 100% absolutely, positively clear in Iraq. It would certainly be a cynical ploy to draw a bright line in a murky area to pretend that everything behind that line is 100% ok, you know, to imply a moral purity where none whatsoever exists.

For those keeping score at home: Lack of brain = good. Poor = bad. third world = really bad.

My concert

8:00 PM tuesday, April 5th in the Chapel on the Wesleyan Campus.


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cxjo said...

of course they favour the brainless and braindead. how else would hannity be so popular??!