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Monday 11 April 2005

blogger down for safari users

I was under the impression that blogger was down for the last several days. It was and is . . . if you use Safari. bah!

I know you that you never doubted why it is important to counter right wing distortion. I think distortion is a better word than lies. Because liars care what the truth is. If you're going to lie, you have to think you know what the truth is and then misrepresent it. Bullshitters don't care a tiny bit about what the truth is. They'll fake any aspect of anything. They are a greater enemy of the truth than liars. Bullshit is a greater worry. According to On Bullshit

A True Story

I went to a party on Saturday. It was loads of fun. I left for it hella late, as I was napping in the afternoon and expected to wake up before 8:00. In stead I woke up at 9:30 and had to skimp on dinner and was feeling a mite bit stressed as I went looking for this place I had never been. The directions I got were confusing me, but I finally go to the right offramp. The directions told me to go down a dead end street until i got to a "creeping" warehouse and then go up the "creaking" stairs. So I went to down to the dead-end road and got to a warehouse. I saw no street number anywhere and certainly no creaking stairs, so I went around back by the loading area and suddenly it was a lot more creeping. Then I saw an external metal staircase, like a cross between outside stairs and a fire escape. Definitely creaking. There was a door open on the third floor. So I climbed the stairs, and as I got halfway up, it became clear that it was a fire escape, no kind of hybrid at all. These were definitely creaking stairs!

I walked in and asked some gamers if I was in the right place. They seemed surprise my entrance, but it was obviously what the directions called for, right? Yes, I am the crazy person who came in via the fire escape. Cola was with me. She warned that I would look insane if I had the wrong location. I did not fully appreciate the implications of the remark. She is subtle. What I really need is someone to look me in the eye and say, "this plan is crazy! Give me those instructions! You are barking up the wrong tree!"

But I did find the right party, so I guess it worked.

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