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Wednesday, 6 April 2005

Concert Done

I did not dye my hair blue. But I might yet anyway. People seemed to like my concert. Apparently, my piece with the voice of Fred Phelps upset people, which is good. I think it's the direction I want to go in. Less "this bad pundit said this" but rather "look at how ALL of our political discourse reflects these attitudes and maybe we're participating in it." So if I want to do more pieces on torture, I would start with the ticking time bomb scenario (there's a ticking bomb in the city of hypotheicolpolis!) and go from there to reality to evil folks defending it.

So there was a moderately sized crowd mostly of friends and grad students. Tuesday night is a rough night for a concert. And afterwards, we went back to my house for cookies and Jagermeister. It is a bad idea to drink Jagermeister out of a wine glass. I have class in 2 minutes and I really dunno if I want to go.

My dad is here till monday and so if my gf. I feel dead right now.

Charles said something to me about webcasting at the Hemlock. Apparently, my gf's ex-bf is trying to set that up, so I'll be talking to him about it. The hard part is finding a server. The webcasting itself is really easy.

I cannot play tuba today. I'm going home to nap.



Jen Savage said...

Eigen Radio:
That's what Tim and I asked you whether you've ever heard at your concert.

Anonymous said...

Hi, how can I find out when and where your concerts are?

-Roddy Schrock