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Sunday, 3 April 2005

culture of life

it is not an article of faith for catholics that life begins at conception. abortion is just as controversial in the catholic church as it is in all of american society. not every catholic agrees on the pope with this point any more than every american loved reagan. FURTHERMORE, when the pope says "culture of life" he's also talking about war, poverty and the death penalty. it doesn't take much research into the lives of prominent conservative catholics to see how that's not in 100% agreement either.

also, a lot of catholics use birth control

ahem, when the pope said, not says. When do they start picking a replacement? Who is in the lead? I want to see a controversy leading to a papal schism with a pope and an anti-pope busily excommunicating each other. That would be exciting.


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Anonymous said...

I think that the guy at the computer store is Glenn Carlson.

Awww...thank you for remembering me. You're welcome!

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