Commission Music

Commission Music
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Sunday, 3 April 2005

thank yous

writing my program. Am I missing anybody?

Thank you to Ron Kuivila, Anthony Braxton, Neely Bruce, Alvin Lucier, Ellen Fullman, Jeffner Allen, Jean Sirius, Jessica Feldman, Aaron Sigel, Jascha Narveson, David Jensenius, Ed Hutchins, Media Matters for America, Sandy Burroughs, Hope McNeil, Deb Shore, Nicole Wilkins, the Apple repair guy in the campus computer store, Phillip Schulze, Matt Lagoy

advisor, thesis committee, other professor, tuning teacher, sources of additional text, vocal talent, housemate, concert recording guy, web streaming guy, dad, source for most audio, department secretaries, gf, people who offered advice and or help fixing my hard drive. (need to find out that one guy's name)

hm, i could add indie media, westboro baptist church ( and the white house cuz i also downloaded audio from them . . ..

if you notice a missing name, please inform asap.


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