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Friday 22 April 2005

goddamn it, i want a beer

Thesis: done, pending advisor comments (I don't really expect anything serious) and still needing bibliography. 60 pages.

Awareness: I showed up to work today and dutifully sat in the lab and answered questions during my office hours. It wasn't for over an hour later until I remembered that I don't have office hours on thursdays

Health: as a horse, but consuming alcohol in moderation (and not so moderation) every night is probably ungood.

Stress Level: see title

Recent Activities: Went for lunch at a place in town called the English Tea Garden. Doilies covered every surface. Jessica and I were the youngest people there by 40 years, easily. The food was really good. Last night: saw Andrew Dewar et al in concert. Brought Xena. She was kind of too loud. Party at my house afterwards. I drank aperitif instead of Jagermeister to stay sober, but it didn't work. Tuesday night: Jascha & Philip's concert. (I have no idea if Phillip spells his name with 1 or 2 l's)

other updates: um, my attention has no wandered away from this blog post

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