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Friday, 22 April 2005

How to cite a blog

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online magazine

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web page

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Discussion forum

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More info

A Guide for Writing Research Papers Based on Modern Language Association (MLA) Documentation

Outstanding Questions

Ok, let's say you quote Coulter as her comments were reported on Media Matters . . . Would that look like:

Coulter, Ann, "Coulter labeled Dems who question qualifications of Condoleezza Rice and Clarence Thomas as 'racist'". Ed. Marcia Kuntz. Media Matters for America. November 18, 2004. Assessed April 21, 2005. <>

Or would you omit the "Coulter, Ann" and list it as "Kuntz, Marcia Ed." ?

You know, i've kind of fudged bibliographies in the past and nobody has noticed, but this is going into the library, so I want to get it right.



goat said...

go with the first option - listing it under coulter and then putting kuntz as editor. i'm basing this on the format for quoting works in anthologies, so it should be correct (especially since when an author is given it seems far far better to quote the author first than the editor).

Jesse said...

woo-hoo! i made it into your thesis!

two things though:
1. can i be "Pearlman Karlsberg, Jesse"
2. my blog has moved to a more permanent location, so the new permalink is:

the blogspot site will go down in a week or two, so this address is better. hope i'm not too late.