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Friday 22 April 2005

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Outstanding Questions

Ok, let's say you quote Coulter as her comments were reported on Media Matters . . . Would that look like:

Coulter, Ann, "Coulter labeled Dems who question qualifications of Condoleezza Rice and Clarence Thomas as 'racist'". Ed. Marcia Kuntz. Media Matters for America. November 18, 2004. Assessed April 21, 2005. <>

Or would you omit the "Coulter, Ann" and list it as "Kuntz, Marcia Ed." ?

You know, i've kind of fudged bibliographies in the past and nobody has noticed, but this is going into the library, so I want to get it right.


1 comment:

Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg said...

woo-hoo! i made it into your thesis!

two things though:
1. can i be "Pearlman Karlsberg, Jesse"
2. my blog has moved to a more permanent location, so the new permalink is:

the blogspot site will go down in a week or two, so this address is better. hope i'm not too late.

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