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Saturday, 23 April 2005

my life

Thesis: 70 pages - 12 point 1.5 spaces Century Gothic font, counting bibliography. 18,310 words, counting bibliography. Still awaiting edits from advisor on last chapter.

Grad school life: Yesterday I woke up at 10:00 AM and met Anthony Braxton at 11:00. after several minutes of fussing with cables in the EMS (which had all been recently disconnected for Jascha's concert), I played through my concert program for him. (The 4 channel version of my Fred Phelps piece has quit working for some reason.) He asked me if I was going to do a piece with DeLay attacking the judiciary. No!!! No more english text. No more american politics! I must go to France next year.

We went for lunch with Jessica and then I went home and worked on my bibliography. Angela came over for dinner and then left to go to a concert and I kept working on my bibliography (some of my favorite citations are below. I know it's boring. I don't care. Cola talked me out of posting all 11 pages.) I worked on it until 2:30 AM and then walked Xena, who desperately wants more exercise in her life) and then I went to sleep. This morning, err... afternoon, I got out of bed at 1:00 and then fixed all of my end notes so they go with my bibliography instead of just being urls. Now I ponder dinner, but my cover is exceedingly bare. Maybe I'll have nutella on wonder (wheat) bread.

Random complaints: I'm allergic to the toilet paper that Aaron bought. I have skin allergies. I have to use hippie shampoo or I itch a lot. Right now, I itch a lot. Out of food. Nearly out of dog food. Raining. Pop culture seems to be at war with art music. And music seems to get singled out a lot. Why? What are people afraid of?

When I was in the compulsory period of my education, the prohibition against drinking and driving was so emphasized that I thought that wanting to drive must be one of the effects of drinking. You would drink a glass of beer and the overwhelming urge to get into a car and drive would seize you, but you had to resist. So when I finally started consuming alcohol, I was steeled. I was not going to suddenly want to go for a joy ride! Although after so much repetition if this idea, the thought would creep into my head. Sometimes when I'm drunk (which is rare) I announce "I want to go for a drive!" But I do not go, because I have the mental toughness to resist.

So last night, as I was assembling my bibliography, I was forced to revisit all my sources for pundit material. I only had about 10 citation to go. I wanted to be done. But I was reaching mental break down. Finally, I got to the section where O'Reilly was asserting that gay rights would lead people to want to marry goats. I was in a suggestible stage! This normally wouldn't happen!

I am engaged to Billy. We haven't set a date, as we're awaiting the results of our court decision.

No I don't like goats in any sort of disturbing, ASPCA-alerting or naughty way. I just feel like I should marry one.

For our honeymoon, we're taking the O'Reilly cruise to the Caribbean, which we understand has plenty of vegetarian fare as falafel is served at every meal. All guests get a complimentary loofah.


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Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Polly!
That was hella funny. Thank you for helping me start my Sunday off right.
I was wondering about how I only drink in religious contexts. How does that work with drinking making a person want to drive or marry goats? What will it do to me if I only do it religiously?