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Tuesday 12 April 2005


I just signed up for 10 weeks of intensive french at UC berkeley, which will probably eat 45 hours a week. 50 if you count bike commuting time. So no summer job for me, it seems.

I've been thinking about what my first year at Wesleyan would have been like without Xena. Disaster! Woe! Despair! And my second year? Lonelier, but with more trips to New York. I haven't been since Thanksgiving. Alas. Maybe it would have been the same, I don't know. She is sleeping at my feet right now. I love my dog. I don't know if taking her to Paris would be best for her or for me. It's a selfish love. What would best for Xena would be sending her to live on Angela's parents farm, where she has ducks to chase and dogs to play with and a pond to swim in, but I'm not going to do that because then she would no longer be my dog. I think that the best plan is probably, alas, to board her with Cola's parents for the year. If, for some reason, I'm in Europe for longer, I can get her shipped out. A school year is kind of a long time. It's 6 dog years. Will she even remember me when I return? Will I remember her? About half way through my 90 day excursion to Europe in 2001, I told Christi that I wanted to get a dog when we got back. She said, "we have a dog." I said "really?" So we went to an internet cafe and looked at online pictures of my dog. "She's cute." I said, my memory stirring. When we returned, the dog was so excited to see me that she accidentally peed on my foot. (She's never done that before or since, thank goodness.) So I guess it's my memory that I worry about. The trip would be very strenuous. My living quarters are likely to be tiny (especially if they contain a tuba and a tuba shipping case too). The best thing to do might be to leave her behind. Alas and woe.

What happens if you get caught in France without a valid visa? Under what circumstances does anyone ask to see your visa?


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