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Saturday 2 April 2005

to do

  • time pieces - figure out when intermission should go and if anything ought to be cut
  • Clean house and room
  • write concert program (as in, a printed program)
  • buy food to feed self, cola and dad
  • buy booze
  • buy ingredients for post concert snacks (i'm thinking cookies)
  • figure out webcast url and post it
  • buy hair dye
  • dye hair blue
  • email grad student list with concert info
  • get car jump started and let it run for a while to recharge battery (shouldn't the charge have lasted from last time?)
  • let people who can't make 8:00 show know about 4:00 run through (also april 5th)


  • made pieces MOTU-compatible
  • emailed music department about concert
  • posted like 50 flyers
  • scheduled thesis defense

possible thesis title: Political Voices: Political Engagement Through Text Sound Poetry

thesis paper theoretically due april 15th. i've got some books to read for that. yarg


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