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Wednesday 25 May 2005

grants, scholarships, oh my!

I've just been plowing through the NYFA grant and scholarship listings. It seems that there is exactly one scholarship that I have not missed the application deadline for, as it has none. It gives priorities to people who want to study Rag Time music. Ok, so my music is not closely linked with Rag Time . . .. I like Rag Time. It's nifty. I don't think there are many people currently composing in this style, but I could be wrong. I heard a newish Rag composition when I was in Yosemite last winter. And free improvisation is a descendant of Rag . . .

I seem to recall there being a lot more things listed when I last looked at this. Jessica helped me then. Jessica is the queen of scaring up grants and money. I think I'll go through the list again. Yeah, I should have applied before now. My advisor encouraged me to spend more time writing my thesis than to apply for stuff for next year. C'est la vie. Maybe I could write some algorithmic rag. I don't want to be insulting, though.

My grandmother's piano is coming over this evening. I will need to find somebody to be here when it comes, because I'm hoping to be someplace else.


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Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg said...

Neely wrote a piece where he breaks a rag up into measure (or maybe it's four measure)-long chunks and randomly shuffles them, then plays them all the way through. I shuffled for him once when he did a concert in London while I was abroad there.

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