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Tuesday, 24 May 2005


I went down to the southbay yesterday to see the house I grew up in. My dad just sold it. It has new paint and new carpets and new landscaping, but looks pretty much the same. The color scheme is unchanged. My dad sold it furnished, which means the buyers get 30 year old sofas with a dog urine stain on the middle cushion. Makes sense for my dad, but I can't think why the buyer would be interested. Apparently, they don't own much furniture. I get the piano. It's a Ludwig brand baby grand piano from around the turn of the century. Probably made in Buffalo, NY. There's not much information about these on the net, although they turn up sometimes on ebay. It needs some work. Where "some" means "a lot."

So, I guess I should be sad that the house is being sold, but I'm not feeling it. Theoretically, I could feel sad that I can never run "home" again in case of crisis. But "home" just would mean somebody who would shelter me in case of crisis and is not a physical location. Maybe I'll feel upset about this later. Right now, it's just like my dad is losing an albatross and I'm happy for him. My mom died in the living room there. It would be hard to confront that every morning with your cheerios.

My dad is going today to get his motorcycle. He's getting a fancy BMW touring bike in a light yellow color. With a CB radio and a GPS. He's going to have a whole lotta freedom. It's exciting. He's also started a blog, which links to mine. (I may cut back on wonkette-inspired humor. No more jokes about William S. Burroughs.) My dad is so much hippier than I am. I will live vicariously through him. Glad he's got a blog.

and now for something completely different

We're all very happy that Newsweek and other MSM are making rules for anonymous sources. No more lies about WMD coming from unattributed White House sources. Can we all back up for a minute though and appreciate that there's a huge difference between an Administration flunkie supporting the White House but speaking off the record and an administration person speaking off the record in opposition to the white house. Wouldn't their new "standards" preclude the Watergate investigation? Can't anyone in the media see the difference here? Also, wasn't the Koran story also covered by Human Rights Watch long before Newsweek got ahold of it? Yes. Yes it was. Do detainee accounts constitute anonymous sources or are they suspect because they are the enemies of freedom? Newsweek is not apologizing for using anonymous sources as much as it is apologizing for contradicting the official reports of the Pentagon. Oh joy. We're doomed.


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