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Saturday 7 May 2005

To Do

  • Return books to library
  • burn CD of concert and give to library + program
  • pack rest of clothes
  • pack cables
  • pack papers
  • wash everything dirty
  • unbolt remainder of synth modules from rack
  • buy nuts or clips or something for SKB case, so I can put synth modules in it
  • figure out if tuba, dog crate, week of clothes, cooler, dog and i all fit in car. do this before movers come.
  • drink last 2 bottles of wine
  • do quick design of disc label, go to science tower, buy printable discs, get discs printed.
  • distribute extra stuff
  • give away old clothes + shoes to charity
  • lunch with neely
  • pay off bills / cancel service: yankee gas, ct light and power, sbc, heating oil company, working assets
  • cingular wireless address change
  • find out if i can close bank account from CA / what to do about crossing country with no ATM card.
  • talk to landlord about how much money she owes me or vice versa
  • set up mail forward thingee
  • clean house

free stuff

  • end table - unclaimed [picture]
  • ugly lamp - unclaimed [picture] (how the hell did I end up hauling this to connecticut in the first place?)
  • purple cd holder thingee - unclaimed (my camera ran out of batteries)
  • wide white bookcase -unclaimed
  • skinny white bookshelf - aaron
  • desk - maybe sabrina wanted this?
  • dining chairs - chris and emily
  • bed - probably carl, but if not, you can buy it. will post later.
  • file cabinet - unclaimed. short. fits under bed's desk. maybe carl wants it
  • stereo cabinet + stereo - anne + david
  • ugly brown bookcase - give to whomever takes the ugly lamp.

PLEASE tell me if I'm forgetting anything


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