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Saturday 25 June 2005

College Republicans

They're having their convention or something this week. The question keeps coming up: if they're in favor of the war, why are they in college at all? Why don't they go enlist? Silly wabbit, getting killed in wars is for stupid people, not smart college students such as themselves. Also, it's vitally important that they fight liberalism on college campuses giving much needed symbolic support to actual troops, which is so much more valuable that actually risking yourself in anyway.

And on the other hand, I avoided asking this question of the young republican I know. One reason is that he argues like Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh and I don't especially enjoy provoking him as he becomes entirely unpleasant. The other reason is that I don't support the war and going to Iraq to fight is extremely dangerous and this seems like a variation of "why don't you go play in the freeway." Also, seriously, do we want our country to be represented by people this obnoxious?

And, again, on the other hand, sending poor people to fight their dubious wars is deeply immoral and if they think the war is such a great idea they should go fight in it. At the very least, they should join the ROTC. But this is their moral problem and not mine. My moral problem is stopping the war. Encouraging young republicans to sign up is like so much playground taunting at best and at worst, a distraction from actual anti-war work.

If they won't go, though, maybe they would start to ask themselves why it's ok to make other people go

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Anonymous said...

This is my point, as you noted in on my blog I was questioning young conservativism and how it seems out of sorts cause when someone is young they are generally more open minded etc. What got me on this is I ventured into a teen conservatives blog and I keep asking these kids that and NO one will answer, if you are so for this war will you go fight it?

Anyways, and yes they just fight the Rush speak like all liberals just look dow on on them, I'm like what? I am more regular guy than any of the repubs I have ever met.

It's ingenius the line that Rush is pulling, he just lies and lies and gets away with it.


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