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Commission Music
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Friday, 24 June 2005

no, i'm not nervous

celeste is a college student and tokyo nammy has four CDs out through sony

i should delete this post

I am now only one day behind in french homework. huzzah.

I will be playing tuba monday june 27th @ ODC Theater [ 3153 17th St @ Shotwell , SF ] 8:00 - Concert. I'll be playing on a penderecki piece. The real tubist dropped out at the last moment and the guy who put together the concert saw my name on the brink announcement and emailed me(!). unpaid gig. j'aime la musique

I am available to play tuba improvisations at your club, your party, wedding, funeral, bar mitzvah, combination of the above and more. Can tuba playing pay my bills for the summer? So far, I haven't covered the cost of my latest tuba tuneup. Je joue du tuba. No time for nothing but improv.


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Jean Sirius said...

you are not a college student. you are a master of composition. didn't they give you a diploma and everything?