Commission Music

Commission Music
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Thursday, 23 June 2005

The SF Weekly just called

to ask about my show coming up on wednesday. Yikes. I'm glad all the music is already written. "My influences include Maggi Payne, Paul de Marinis, and Anthony Braxton." "One of my pieces uses the voice of a local poet, Jean Siruis." him: "How do you spell the last name?"

yikes, i say.



Jean Sirius said...

dang! another 45 seconds off my 15 minutes of fame.

snag a couple extra copies of the sf weekly for me, wouldja?

goat said...

woah! cool! did they say when they'd write about it? maybe i can find it online

Anonymous said...

Huzza!!! You rock! We definitely better get there early. The place will be packed if SF Weekly writes it up with a feature.