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Wednesday, 22 June 2005

Cola has written up my day yesterday

gig recounted plus the weekly crazy mitch story. Have I mentioned that french class is eating my life. Quiz tomorrow. also: way behind on homework. Irregular verbs. New nouns. Going nuts. Got into an argument today with a young republican about GMO food. Did you know that Monsanto just wants to save the world from the evils of hunger, pesticides and herbicides. Waiting to do long-term tests on the safety of things is stupid. We must save the world NOW. I'm sure that if we release a gene into wheat that causes long-term illness or germ cell mutation or something, we can get it back out of the seed population. Also, cloned seeds are great, because we totally know about every single possible blight that could effect wheat and so genetic diversity is totally superfluous. And if you can't prove something is dangerous, that totally shows that it's safe and that should be our standard for safeguarding our food supply, because if it gets messed up, we totally have secret reserves.

I can't wait until I'm fluent enough to get into stupid political arguments in French. Also, i do NOT have time to do any pieces about food or food safety. Attaching electrodes to plants is not something I'm going to do. I will not do any sort of weird mapping of DNA to notes nor will do any sort of weird mapping of the molecular structure of pesticides or herbicides because I do not have time.

Do you think a P5 glove could be modified to fit on the left hand instead of the right without sacrificing functionality?


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Mitch stories rock!