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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 21 June 2005


I'm at the garden of memory tonight playing laptop (with ellen) and tuba with damon and others). For all but 45 minutes of the day.

Yes, that's me you see listed at the Hemlock next wednesday. (Yes, I studied with Anthony Braxton. We recorded a duo album together last month.) The show starts at 9:30. The last show in the series did NOT sell out, but as the series itself is gathering momentum and the next show has three acts, it might. So show up early. I don't know how early. 9:00? You can drink before the show starts. They also sell popcorn. The room theoretically seats 100 people. I know nothing beyond that. I've only been to the hemlock twice. I can give you no useful advice. I'll be playing three text sound pieces on my laptop.

I must go pack up cables. French is eating my life. I don't have time to blog very much.


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