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Thursday, 16 June 2005

i HATE doing listening labs

I hate doing french listening labs with a completely unreasonable level of hate. Is it because the narrators are so fucking snotty? It's not enough that they talk with their mouths full of gravel but their sing song-y delivery of the correct answers seem more taunting than anything. Ils parlent «Tu es stupide!» Go fuck yourselves, you motherfucking narrators. Je deteste vous! DETESTE!!!!! mourez! mourez! mourez!




goat said...

it's je vous deteste ;-) 'member, the grammar is usually flipped around from english.

what are these language labs? listening to tapes?

Jean Sirius said...

here's my advice: concentrate on vocabulary. if you get most of the words right, you can make yourself understood. there are so very many ways to be wrong in french: gender, verb tenses, word positioning ... there's no way in hell to be competent in a couple of months. learn as many useful nouns and verbs as you can, and you'll be fine.

cxjo said...

forget french! just practice speaking english with an OUTRAGEOUS ACCENT!