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Sunday 3 July 2005

buster is dead

The GOP killed funding for the program that funds Buster the Bunny. some of you may remember this bunny as the one who veeeery brifly said hi to lesbians in vermont and caused an apoleptic sgitstorm in the department of education. well, the gop gets the last laugh cuz now there's no more money for buster. which serves him right as the mandate of the show was to teach children tolerance by having buster travel around the country and meet all different kinds of people like muslims and mormon and whatever. tolerance is bad. also, buster's parents werre divorced. this show was an assult an on the white, christan, hetersexual christian family in america. finally, people will learn to stop being minorities and kids will rightfully discriminate left and right. GOD (and by god, i mean "jesus") bless america!

sorry about the typos. i'm so high right noe.


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