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Wednesday, 6 July 2005

Podcasting: fun new thing

Ok, so podcasting is really catching on. My friend David started one, Music of the Third Millennium. If you are a composer type, you should submit a piece to it! And everyone should listen. You may wonder how to do that. With itunes: Get the latest copy of itunes from Apple or via software update. Under The "Advanced" Menu, select "Subscribe to podcast." A window will open, demanding a URL. Put in: Violà! You're subscribed.

You can find other podcasts through the podcast directory. Click on the "Podcasts" icon on the menu on the left. At bottom of itunes, you will see some text "podcast directory." click on that. Once you are in the podcast directory, you can search for things like "experimental music," but this is very new, so you won't find much.

Later: how to start your own podcast AND Qu'est-ce que c'est podcasts? en français



Anonymous said...

You can subscribe to it directly in itunes using this link.

goat said...

is that the same as the "open stream" command under advanced? it also wants a URL.

also, "que sont les podcasts?", or "qu'est-ce que c'est un podcast?" :-)

("qu'est-ce que c'est" usually only really works when you're not using a plural, though people in ordinary conversation use it in all sorts of ways)

Les said...

it is not the same as opening a stream. When you open a stream, you are getting a stream of continuously changing audio, for example, a live radio broadcast. The text equivalent for a stream would be, say, a chat room.

A podcast is like a blog. The user posts single mp3s like bloggers post articles. Itunes will quietly check the podcast once per day (or as foten as you like) and download the new mp3 if one is available.