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Friday, 29 July 2005

God smites Boy Scouts

More tragedy at the boy scout jamboree. Aside from the electrocuted Alaskans, another guy died from a heart attack while walking around and 306 people got heat exhaustion, many of whom collapsed and some of whom had to be taken to the hospital. It doesn't sound like they were very prepared . . . also, god is smiting them for being bigots.

When I was in 6th or 7th grade, I asked if I could join the boy scouts. It's one of several times in my early adolescence when adult males laughed at me. Another being the time I tried to talk to the freshman football coach about trying out. So I've been neither a boy scout nor an american "football" player. I have, however, been a girl scout. That kind of sucked. I could tell that my brother's troop was having a lot more fun, but, on the other hand, they never went to the jamboree.

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Peter said...

When my son was in H.S., there was a girl on his football team. Believe it or not, she played center. Granted, we were living in Italy and there was very few boys at the school. Thus, the football coach had no choice but to play her. However, I think she might have made any team she tried out for. Thankfully, these times are a changing for the new kids on the block.