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Monday 25 July 2005


So I was whining (as I am wont to do all too often). I explained to Rudy that I wished my parents had named me something from which one could derive a nickname. Samanthas can be Sam. Nicoles can be Nick. Rudy pointed out that the name "Les" can be derived from my name. And, he pointed out, "Les is more." AND it has fewer letters than "clst" and so wins for being a TLA (sorta) too. So, feel free to call me Les. (Or Loretta.)

Maybe, if I had been born male, I would sit around wondering about how I'm really not sporty and I detest competition and I make "eep"ing noises on occasion and I would think perhaps some odd mistake had been made.



Anonymous said...

My brother used to call me "Kehl" and that cured me of a wish for a nickname


Anonymous said...

What about "The Hutch?" Last names are good for something, right?

Anonymous said...

hey this is me, trooper6...I can't find your email online...could you email me at troopersmp at yahoo dot com?

I want to tell you something transy that I'd prefer not to have all over Teh Internets.

Anonymous said...

Hutch sounds like a winner. :) Too bad there was already a show about him and Starsky.

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