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Thursday, 25 August 2005


It's time again for questions and answers!

  • Is Xena going to France with you? No, she going to Apple Valley (part of the Inland Empire, between Barstow and Los Angeles) to live with Cola's parents. They have two acres and three other dogs. I will miss her.
  • Do you have a place yet? Yes, see Cola's post for address and pictures.
  • Can I come stay with you on XX dates? I have a pull out sofa bed in the living room which is at your disposal. Let me know when you want to come so I don't double book.
  • $17000.00?? I had a whole post on this, but then, when I was consoling myself and Gi Jo (Formerly Gi Jen) with Absinthe, I decided it was too negative and nuked it. (Absinthe makes you feel kind, apparently.) Some of the money is for suing the builder, which contracts the CCNRs, and some of the money is for actually fixing the problem. There's a meeting about this tonight, which is am SO going to.
  • GI Joe??? No, GI Josephine. She's on Livejournal.
  • Is your pickup still for sale? Nope. Sarah D. is going to buy it. Yay!
  • So, are you ready to go? No, I dunno what I'm brining yet and I need to offer $ for help with that insurance document.
  • Are you excited? Yes. Oy, and I need to weigh all my gear and decide if I can bring my tuba (American Airlines does not allow overweight bags) and put all my stuff away in someplace where it won't be underfoot for ellen and fix the broken things in this house and sell my car and I should buy one more shirt, a tweed jacket and some undershirts before I go (I just got new shoes) cuz I dunno how friendly stores are to cross dressers in France and I don't want to find out when I'm in a pinch. And take the GRE, which I have to schedule and I owe many wonderful people cookies for helping me translate things and I need to have some sort of gathering where cookies can be distributed . . .
  • Am I going to get to see you before you go? I think there will be some sort of gathering. I will post more info when I figure stuff out.



Crinis said...

Il y a une possibilitie que je suis a Paris le meme temps a toi. Si vrai, est-ce que tu est libre pour un pot?

Jean Sirius said...

for translating help, try craigslist. i got a lovely student, whose info i can't immediately access.

good luck!

goat said...
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Les said...

vince: need to check with Cola.

jean: I had no luck with ba-sappho, i'll try craigslist

sophie: dood.
Ok, let's say I walk into Macy's Mens in the US. I have a pretty good idea what's going to happen, even in "alafuckingbama" and I'm prepared for it, even whatever hostility I may encounter. (Also, maybe aside from Utah, the US is a lot less hostile to weird looking outsiders than you might guess. They just don't want /their/ family or whatever behaving in such a manner.)

I do not have this experience in other countries. I'm not prepared for any level of hostility, because I don't know how to read or react to foreign social cues. I'm likely to bumble, to misunderstand, to read offense/acceptance where it is not present and possibly be inadvertently insulting. Because I'm not French. I won't get it. I just said I don't want to foray into a mine field when I'm in a pinch. As in: I need a piece of wardrobe for that night.

I'm not trying to insult you or your country. I'm saying I'm ignorant.