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Saturday 13 August 2005

I passed my french class!

I saw my final after it was graded and I think I might have actually earned a passing grade. Insane. I missed every question on devoir, however.

We went to Lane Splitter Pizza in the evening to celebrate the end of the class and the teacher came and announced that we all passed. So I drank a few pints to celebrate. And one of the waitresses saw me looking at a sculpture out in the beer garden and said, "Didn't I see you playing at Luggage Store last night? You were good."

Also, my binder came in the mail yesterday and fits great and is comfortable and effective, although not easy to get on and off. I can wear it and play didjeridoo at the same time. Prolly tuba too.

Mercury must be out of retrograde.


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Anonymous said...

Mercury goes direct on Monday.
-- Polly

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