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Thursday, 18 August 2005

More help from francophones

Thank you to those who sent help with the last one. This one is more difficult for me as it is a translation and uses some constructs I'm unfamilar with. I was forced to consult google translator. aig. please help!


To Whom it May Concern:

The above customer has the following accounts with US Bank:

Account NumberAccount TypeCurrent Balance

Assistant Manager
Phone XXXX



Le client ci-dessus a les comptes suivants avec US Bank:

Numero de compteType de compteBalance courante
#### Chèque###

Veuillez croire, Messieurs, à l'assurance de mes sentiments sincère,

gérant adjoint
numero de téléphone XXX
numero de fax XXX

Am I using the right terms? The right grammar? The right capitalization? Is this a good way to modify "sincerely" or is it too much? The only thing thant I really know about letters are openings and closings. "Sincèrement" is not used as a closing, but maby it would be correct to do a literal translation?



Anonymous said...

God, I am just not good with any of the technical stuff. I can tell you that the closing "Veuillez croire, Messieurs, à l'assurance de mes sentiments " is sufficient.

Sorry I don't know more.
(heart) Annabean

Estelle said...

I think that "to whom it may concern" should be translated by "Monsieur" (singular).
The closing sentence really depends on who you are writing this letter to and how familiar you are with him/her. You can probably use "Salutations" or "Sincères salutations" for this kind of business letters.
I would just say "Tél : xxx" and "Fax : xxx" at the bottom rather than "numero de telephone" etc.
"Savings account" is "compte épargne"